Bullfrog © Brian Gratwicke. CC-BY 2.0.

Classification: Amphibian

Groups can be encouraged to choose animals of different classes (reptiles, amphibians, mammals, etc.).

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  • Websites

    American Bullfrog

    Fun facts about this curious amphibian. [Contains ads.]

    American Bullfrog

    Students can read a description of the American Bullfrog.

    American Bullfrog

    Profile of the American Bullfrog with photos, scientific name, habitat, life span, diet and more.


    Provides information about the many different frogs of Texas and other reptile groups found in the state.

    Frogs and Toads

    Interactive website featuring a variety of topics, including the differences between frogs and toads.

  • Videos

    Bullfrog (0:40)

    Students can watch video footage of the American Bullfrog.

    Bullfrogs Eat Everything (2:18)

    Video footage of American Bullfrogs eating various prey.

    Frog or Toad? (5:08)

    In this animated video, students can learn to tell the difference between frogs and toads by looking at physical characteristics.


    Students can learn about the habitat, diet, and physical characteristics of frogs.

  • Portal Texts


    by Jennifer Sattler

    ISBN-13: 978-1585364169 (F&P level: M)


    by David Wiesner

    ISBN-13: 978-0395870822
  • Research Books

    A Frog’s Life

    by Nancy Dickmann

    ISBN-13: 978-1432941406 (F&P level: J)


    by Gail Gibbons

    ISBN-13: 978-1430109471 (F&P level M)

    Frogs (Amazing Animals)

    by Valerie Bodden

    ISBN-13: 978-1608186112 (F&P level: N)

    Frogs (Explore My World)

    by Marfe Ferguson Delano

    ISBN-13: 978-1426316975 (F&P level: M)

    Frogs (In My Backyard)

    by Lindsy O'Brien

    ISBN-13: 978-1608186983 (F&P level: N)

    Frogs! (National Geographic Readers)

    by Elizabeth Carney

    ISBN-13: 978-1426303937 (F&P level: L)

    Tadpoles and Frogs (Kingfisher Readers L1)

    by Thea Feldman

    ISBN-13: 978-0753470862
  • E-books on

    Bullfrogs (My First Animal Library)

    by Martha E.H. Rustad

    (F&P level: J)


    by Lindsy O'Brien

    (F&P level: N)

    Frogs (Explore My World)

    by Marfe Ferguson Delano

    (F&P level: M)

    Frogs (Backyard Wildlife)

    by Emily Green

    (F&P level: F)

    Frogs! (National Geographic Readers)

    by Elizabeth Carney

    (F&P level: L)

    Tadpoles to Frogs

    by Bobbie Kalman

    (F&P level: N)
  • Virtual Field Trips

    Cloudbridge Nature Reserve

    Schedule a virtual field trip with Cloudbridge Nature Reserve! Topics aren’t limited to frogs; researchers can show students other animals they have collected or talk about important environmental issues. Video conferences with students are available (1/2 hour to 1-hour increments).

  • Skype a Scientist

    Scientist: Dr. Jonathan Kolby

    Register to schedule a Skype session with Dr. Jonathan Kolby, who studies amphibians and works for herpetological conservation.

    Skype a Scientist matches over 2000+ scientists with classrooms around the world! Scientists skype into your classroom for 30–60-minute Q&A sessions that can cover the scientist’s expertise or what it’s like to be a scientist. Multiple topics are available.