Greater short-nosed fruit bat in Sri Lanka © Anton Croos. Art of Photography. CC-BY-SA 4.0.

Classification: Mammal

Groups can be encouraged to choose animals of different classes (reptiles, amphibians, mammals, etc.).

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  • Websites


    Interactive website with facts about bats.

    Giant Fruit Bat or Flying Fox

    Quick facts about giant fruit bats.

    Top 10 Bat Facts

    Scroll through a series of beautiful images of and read facts about different kinds of bats.

    Vampire Bat

    Truths and myths about vampire bats.

  • Videos

    All About Bats!

    Learn all about different kinds of bats, what they eat, how they sleep, and how they use echolocation!

    Bats: Creatures of the Night

    Watch three million bats fly out of Bracken Cave as you learn cool facts about bats!

  • Portal Texts


    by Janell Cannon

    ISBN-13: 978-0152062873 (F&P level: N)
  • Research Books


    by Gail Gibbons

    ISBN-13: 978-0823416370 (F&P level: O)

    Bats (Amazing Animals)

    by Kate Riggs

    ISBN-13: 978-0898126907

    Bats: Biggest! Littlest!

    by Sandra Markle

    ISBN-13: 978-1590789520 (F&P level: T)

    It's a Good Thing There are Bats

    by Joanne Mattern

    ISBN-13: 978-0531223628 (F&P level: K)
  • E-books on


    by Roger Generazzo

    (F&P level: W)

    Bats (Amazing Animals)

    by Kate Riggs

    Bats (Backyard Wildlife)

    by Kari Schuetz

    (F&P level: K)

    Bats (National Geographic Readers)

    by Elizabeth Carney

    (F&P level: Q)

    Brown Bats (North American Animals)

    by Christina Leaf

    (F&P level: N)

    Creepy But Cool Bats

    by Tracy Nelson Maurer

    What is a Bat? (The Science of Living Things)

    by Bobbie Kalman

    (F&P level: T)
  • Virtual Field Trips

    Bat World Sanctuary

    Day-to-day activities of volunteers are featured in a virtual tour; a bat cam page is available for viewing.

  • Skype a Scientist

    Scientists: Elaine Barr and Alyson Brokaw

    Schedule a skype session with Elaine Barr or Alyson Brokaw, who both study bats!

    Skype A Scientist matches over 2000+ scientists with classrooms around the world! Scientists skype into your classroom for 30–60-minute Q&A sessions that can cover the scientist’s expertise or what it’s like to be a scientist. Multiple topics are available.