Temperate Forest

  • Videos

    MooMoo Math and Science: The Deciduous Forest for Kids

    Discovery Education UK Habitats: Woodlands

  • Portal Texts

    Little Fox in the Forest


    by Stephanie Graegin

    The Giving Tree

    by Shel Silverstein
  • Research Books

    Temperate Forests: Biomes and Ecosystems (Science Readers)

    by Yvonne Franklin

    The Temperate Forest: A Web of Life

    by Phillip Johansson

    Temperate Forests (True Books: Ecosystems)

    by Peter Benoit

    A Temperate Forest Food Chain: A Who-eats-what Adventure in North America

    by Rebecca Hogue Wojahn

    What If There Were No Gray Wolves?: A Book About the Temperate Forest Ecosystem

    by Suzanne Slade

    Temperate Forest - Animal Habitats for Kids!

    By Left Brain Kids
  • E-books on GetEpic.com

    Forest Food Chains

    *Requires a GetEpic.com Account

    By Bobbie Kalman

    What is a Forest?

    *Requires a GetEpic.com Account

    By Bobbie Kalman

    Woodland and Forest Animals

    *Requires a GetEpic.com Account

    By Sonya Newland

    Life in a Forest (Biomes Alive!)

    *Requires a GetEpic.com Account

    By Laura Hamilton Waxman

    Let's Visit the Deciduous Forest

    *Requires a GetEpic.com Account

    By Jennifer Boothroyd
  • Virtual Field Trips

    Hinesburg Town Forest