Heredity and Life Cycles

Painted lady butterfly showing its ventral wing pattern (underside) © Labbradolci. CC-BY-NC 2.0.

Heredity and Life Cycles
Authentic Literacy and Language for Science

Recommended for Grades 2 & 3

Teach animal life cycles and reading/English language arts in an integrated unit based on the

Authentic Literacy and Language (ALL) for Science is a curriculum framework. This unit provides 20 days of inquiry-based science activities and supports students’ learning of true-to-life language of science and scientists.

The framework is designed to promote both science sense-making and language sense-making through three aligned components, which are shown in the figure below.

The unit enables students to observe painted lady butterfly larvae, firsthand. Please visit the description of Day One activities to learn how to order the larvae and prepare for the unit.

Visit the section entitled Inquiry Circle Resources to learn more about the recommended literature connection resources for use with this unit.

Unit Activities and Resources